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Turn excellence into mastery


Command of your mental game to overcome challenges
or difficulties to excel.


Operate in the zone, on demand, with focus, clarity and unwavering belief.


Leverage an intangible force which will move a whole group to achieve something without counting the cost to themselves.


The possession of unstoppable belief, purpose and clarity, expressing itself as courage and gratitude. It is agility, optimism and totally relentless.


Guide and serve the next generation of leaders with a proven process to help them realise their potential.


Create a rhythm to achieve excellence within a diverse, talented and ambitious group of individuals.

Dr. Tonya Hoffman

Dr. Tonya Hoffman is the founder of Leading Minds, a peak performance consultancy specialising in the use of neuroscience & psychology to assist top performers and leaders gain and maintain their competitive edge.

For almost twenty years, Tonya has used a science and evidenced-driven approach to refine strong minds in hedge funds, private equity, family offices, elite pro athletes, professional artists and public figures.


“If it improves your performance even marginally, the upside will compound spectacularly over the course of a career.”
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“The most sustained outcome was a radical change in the team around me.”
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“Leading Minds helped me to refocus on my edges and strengths, to manage my team better and ultimately to achieve a more balanced approach to work and life.”
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“Leading Minds turbo-charged my strengths instead of trying to neutralise my flaws.”
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