We work with high performers and change makers to create sustained success.

To lead on the front foot requires a nimble response to rapidly evolving landscapes. Fresh ideas, informed by clarity and confidence, creates the space to boldly seize opportunities. We believe that staying intentional, tenacious and positive drives success. 

Meaningful change does not require radical change. The most effective approach is collaborative, informed by intelligent, thoughtful conversations that address your specific needs. The benefit is immediate, including more energy and engagement in all areas of life. 

Using a science-driven approach, Leading Minds identifies the constituent parts of high performance relevant to you. Improvement is evidenced by more control and consistency.

Our clients are managing partners and their direct reports, or high potential leaders 3-5 years away from senior leadership in partnerships, private equity, entrepreneurial and listed companies as well as family offices and high performance athletes.

Customised Services

Mastery Mindset

Our one to one bespoke programme provides maximum depth and breadth support for complex issues. Customised according to your context, to deliver clarity, agility and quickness of thought.

The approach is supported by the leading research in neuroscience and psychology and framed by three main areas:

Impactful Leadership
Hone your clarity on the vital intangibles – moral courage, vision and strategy – to seize opportunities, overcome challenges and bring out the best in the people you serve. 

Peak Performance
Own the ability to operate in the zone with focus, consistency, unwavering belief and tactical finesse. Develop the ability to be in your most effective mindset – on demand. 

Mental Agility
Elevate your thinking to be more flexible and independent, enabling you to take the bolder course of action, with conviction, in a rapidly changing environment. Respond with agility to incoming information and seize opportunities.

Women in Leadership

To be a strong woman in leadership, you need to navigate challenges that are specific to your particular life demands. Very often this includes being pulled in different directions.

We hone your leadership signature and refine your approach to performance with a full understanding of your unique situation. We believe that stronger, happier people perform better. Backed by in-depth analysis of female CEOs by Oxford Saïd Business School, we take a bespoke approach to support you, so you can achieve your goals without compromising personal happiness.

Maximise your potential and live fully.

Peak Performance Masterclass

We take diverse, talented and ambitious individuals and build exceptional teams. Working with senior high performers, the focus is on developing consistent success in a complex business environment. By extension, performance depends on effectively supporting each person to grow, personally and professionally.  

The strategy is driven by neuroscience. Managing energy, not time, is the key to sustained high performance. Optimisation comes from honing your performance mindset, increasing resilience and being tactical about recovery to achieve more focus and clarity. Potential rapidly expands when higher level goals unify engagement. 

Ignite the energy to excel and achieve exceptional team performance.

Intensive Deep Dive

A three session deep dive designed to push your thinking and evolve your approach

True North Leadership
Preparing for a big change? Set your inner compass on true north, align your vision with a meaningful, time-honoured framework and ready yourself to take action. 

Embark on your next big challenge with foundations of morale that reflect your deeply held beliefs and values, so you can leverage an intangible force and create change in the world. 


Peak Performance Mindset
When the stakes are high, you want the mental skills of an Olympian.

Sustained high performance, statistically speaking, is driven by focus and consistency. These two qualities determine excellence amongst the world’s top performers. This programme refines the skills essential for out-performance.


Reduce the Burn on Brainpower
Goal achievement is adversely impacted by excessive burn on brainpower. 

Achieve your goals more effectively when you remove mental roadblocks and have less internal resistance. In turn, develop insights into your mindset that pave the way for improved goal achievement. 

Quarterly Bespoke

Consistency and focus are the defining features of elite performance.

Dynamic re-thinks are essential because humans have a tendency to forget processes when things are going well. Check-in, at regular intervals, to tweak your habits of success.

Identify the risks you are most exposed to. Sharpen your mental edge, create the space to spot forward-thinking opportunities and uncover hidden barriers to performance.

Improve, evolve and master.

Our Process

1. Get in touch

The first step is to talk, in person or remotely. Our aim is to have a good relationship, with mutual trust and respect. Next, we discuss tailoring the right solution to you.

2. Bespoke approach

We help maximise your impact and potential in key result areas. We clarify the impact of failing to achieve your goals and use your success factors to set the targets.

3. Flexible schedule

Sessions are scheduled flexibly and with the full understanding that demands on time are often unpredictable.

4. Measure results

A feedback loop ensures responsiveness to your needs, including weekly progress reviews and regular recaps.

5. Sustained success

Be the leader you are meant to be and live fully, on your terms.