Extend your reach with improved command over your mental game.

Mastery is a strategic process of refining excellence so that execution is more agile and artful. Performance is noted for being energised, controlled and present. Thinking is flexible, creative and independent.

Optimisation comes from honing your performance mindset, adapting to a fast-paced environment and making connections to achieve more consistent focus and clarity. 

Leading Minds uses a holistic, data-driven approach, built on neuroscience and psychology, combined with an expertise in finance and risk to create a bespoke a framework.


Dr. Tonya Hoffman

Tonya’s super-power is to fine-tune clarity, especially in complex and rapidly changing environments for senior leaders.

For almost twenty years, Tonya has distilled the science of performance so clients can respond to problems that are tough, complex, new and different.

Tonya holds a doctorate with distinction from Columbia University, N.Y. She received her Masters from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts from Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. She holds a certificate of leadership from Oxford University.

Prior to Leading Minds, Tonya worked in structured derivatives and trade finance at Citi and was an analyst for Standard Chartered. She has also worked at Sesame Street and knows Big Bird.