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Advisors to international leaders, elite pro athletes and public figures.

Sustainable outcomes

Leading Minds is a London-based advisory firm, supporting sophisticated high performance and leadership with practical, outcomes-focused consulting.  To maximise your potential, we integrate neuroscience and psychology with strategic application. We blend the very best high performance and leadership thinking to support you to operate at high intensity, automatically, effortlessly.

Strategic development creates a chain reaction of sustained success. We work with companies and individuals to anticipate, understand and navigate the challenges they face, so that they can manage risk and achieve sustained outcomes. We work 1:1. We offer boot camps, laser programmes and workshops for individuals and teams. اكبر موقع للمصارعة

Trust: Insights, authenticated and applied

Dr. Tonya Hoffman is a tactical advisor to those who don’t just excel, but master. نادي بايرن ميونيخ Sought-after for her authoritative perspectives, Tonya draws upon two decades of experience to make those who are relentless more effective and, in the process, to grow personally and professionally.

A truly holistic approach means that Tonya doesn’t stop at spotting and highlighting issues. Tonya provides neuroscience-driven solutions, intelligent solutions and practical solutions. In turn, this is balanced with a unique talent for sharpening mental edge, spotting forward-thinking opportunities and hidden influences. The aim is to master and improve and evolve in every aspect.

Put simply, Tonya delivers real advantage, helping you to understand the big picture by framing and contextualising performance and leadership, whilst mapping and assessing, tactics, risks (and opportunities) along the way. عربي اون لاين This creates a strategic ability to be more agile, plan for the long term, decide where to go next and define how to get there. All designed with one thing in mind – to optimise leadership and performance.


“I needed help and guidance to optimise my time and focus across many issues but ultimately to have the laser vision to perform in my key role of trading and managing portfolios in the financial markets. Leading Minds, with some soul searching, helped me to refocus on my edges and strengths, to manage my team better and ultimately to a more balanced work/life schedule.”

“Tonya is a top flight coach working with prestigious alternative asset managers to optimise individual risk takers’ performance with approach based on academically robust insights in psychology and neuroscience.”

“There are lots of coaches to go to when there is a problem, but where do you go when you just want to be better? Where do you go when you are already doing well and are very successful? When you want to keep going, not for the money, but for the love of a good challenge. Tonya is exactly the person you go to.”

“Leading Minds gives me a toolkit to understand complexities and help me do my job better. I can apply it and do it quickly and that’s really quite cool. Everyday I get to apply this.”

How can we help you?

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The first step is to meet, in person or remotely. Our aim is to have good relationship with a feeling of mutual trust and respect. You know when it’s right. Next, we discuss tailoring the right solution to you.

If you are interested in working with Leading Minds, please contact me directly via contact@leadingmindsuk.com

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